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Version 1.00.020401

The following terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Mecca" or "We" refers to Mecca Internet Solutions Ltd., its subsidiaries and affiliates.

"CIRA" is the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. Their official address is

By applying to register a domain name, or by asking Mecca to maintain or renew a domain name registration, you hereby represent and warrant to us that the statements that we made in our Registration Agreements are read and understood.

You acknowledge and agree that applications for the registration of a domain name shall be made only by Mecca on behalf of you or your clients in accordance with the rules, policies, regulations and procedures adopted by CIRA from time to time and set forth at CIRA's website (currently at as amended and supplemented by CIRA from the time being.

Upon registering domain names, your domain order will be immediately submitted to CIRA electronically and will be processed by CIRA. It is believed that CIRA, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to reject any application for the registration of a domain name and refuse to register any domain name for any reason with no liability of CIRA to you, to your clients, or to Mecca. CIRA will only give notice to us via email if CIRA rejects such application.

You agree that Mecca has no control on how CIRA approves a domain order and we also have no right in making such decision. As a domains reseller, we certainly want our clients to satisfy with our services, it would be truly unwise and meaningless for us to withhold our clients' domain orders and then refund them afterward. As it stated in CIRA registration agreement, to register as "Advance Registrations", you agree that, by registration or reservation of your chosen domain name, such registration or reservation does not confer exemption from objection to either the registration, reservation, or use of the domain name.

Any domain orders that placed before Nov 1st, 2000 had been placed on a queue and were subjected to CIRA approval. CIRA took over the operation of the .ca registry on December 1, 2000. Domain names registered in the University of British Columbia registry but not re-registered with CIRA were reserved until January 31, 2001. After January 31st, 2001, these domain names will no longer be reserved by CIRA and will be made available to permit applicants for registration. However, receiving the confirmation number from Mecca does not assure your domain name has been accepted. Further registering procedures from CIRA must be completed. Failure to complete the registration procedures within 7 days will be result in your order being cancelled by CIRA and your requested domain will be no longer reserved to you. In no event that Mecca will be liable for the rejection of your domain name order.

We comprehend the disappointments and losses that any domain order rejections may bring. However, it should be fully realized that such experience to you, to your clients, or even to us is truly beyond our control. Any access delay or access interruption during registering your domains is also outside of our restrain. We are not utterly responsible for such happening and no compensation will be offered or made in the event that your domain can not be ordered successfully for any reasons.

We reserve the right to distribute information (through email mailing lists) to you that is pertinent to the quality or operation of our services and/or those of our service partners. These announcements will be predominately informative in nature and may include notices describing changes, upgrades, new products or other information to add security or to enhance your identity on the Internet.

Please understand that we have undertaken every possibilities of getting the domain names registered for you and/or your client. We have also tried to ensure and accomplish every service satisfactions that we can provide.

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