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Ecommerce web hosting, OScommerce web hosting starting from $17.95
  Judit Gueth is the owner Judit Gueth Design, based in Toronto, ON. Judit offers rugs made of 100% New Zealand wool, wallpaper and decorative pillows. Last week, had the opportunity to chat with Judit Gueth and let her share her success story to our reader   Store2Go Client Showcase Can you briefly tell us what you do, and what products you sell with your online store?

  Judit: offers stylish and colourful hand-tufted rugs, environmentally friendly wallpaper and decorative silk pillows. Besides home décor products Judit also offers graphic design & illustration.  

E: Mother's Day is coming up, can you give us some gift ideas?


Sell 1000+ Products
Ready to sell in 5 mins.

  J: Our silk pillows make beautiful presents. They make great gifts for people who truly appreciate a spot of colour and pattern in their home. The pillows are 16x16 inches in size. The design in the front is printed on 100% silk, and the back is made of 100% polyester in a matching colour.  

E: Can you give us some examples of how has helped your business?

  J: has been a very useful marketing tool. When I give out my business cards, the first question people ask is if I have a website.

Having a good website makes your business look more professional. My website allows me to show my products to people all over the world, and serves as an online portfolio for my graphic design & illustration projects. It's also a place where people can get information on new designs, upcoming events, and see where they can purchase my products in their area or online.

E: What made you decide to launch your online store and did you have any concerns before selling online?

  J: I decided to launch my web shop, to be able to reach more people with my product in different geographic areas. I had no concerns about selling online. I saw it as an exciting opportunity to grow my business.    

E: When you were looking for shopping cart solution, what are the key features in Store2Go that appeal to you?

  J: I chose Store2Go because I really liked the customizable interface. I was able to change the colours, buttons and icons of the store to make it fit into my website seamlessly. The Store2Go shopping cart is secure, and easy to manage.
It is also PayPal compatible, which offers store owners an economical way of accepting credit cards online. You can tie in a shipping calculator from UPS or Canada Post, so your customer gets an instant shipping rate at checkout. Lastly, but not least, the price of the shop is very affordable and the eHosting Team is extremely helpful!


E: If you have one tip for entrepreneurs who wishes to launch their business online, what would that be?

  J: If you want to appear more professional and you want to reach more people with your product or service, it's definitely worth building an online presence. Your web site should be catchy and easy to navigate.    
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