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How to choose a Web Hosting Company?

Total Control
The choice is clear. Unlike many other hosting companies, all our production servers are truly owned and operated by our company. Everything we offer from our web utility resources to our user friendly Control Panel are self-maintained and developed. This total control of technology Mecca has is what guarantees the safety and satisfaction of our clients to maintain and grow their websites.

We Take Care
By having an aggressive server monitoring system supervising our servers at our data centre, our system engineers are instantly notified should any server outage occur. A detailed server problem report will be delivered to their pager, allowing them to receive the latest status of our servers 24/7 for immediate server repair. For the most part, all servers are equipped with real-time backup and secondary power source to ensure that all servers are functioning at all times.

Even Picks Us!!
Our stable and fast servers are what make, the world's largest freeware/shareware distributor; select us as one of their primary affiliates in Canada. Feel free to check out our site at

Total Solutions
Having been in web hosting business for so many years, we know exactly what our clients' needs. Hence we developed a variety of tools for clients who do not have so much web designing and programming background to create their websites and e-stores.

Our Site2Go allows clients to create their own websites with a very user-friendly interface and eye-catching website templates without having to invest expensive software like FrontPage or Photoshop. Who said that you can not be a web design professional?

Store2Go allows clients to create their own e-stores with a simple web-driven wizard. Best of all our Store2Go supports all the major payment gateways in North America. Establishing your own online business is no longer a dream!

Multiple Domain Hosting!
Unlike many other competitors who require their clients to purchase a separate hosting account for each domain, we provide multiple domain hosting support. This means that clients can host multiple domains with different contents under ONE single web hosting account.
We simplify our management, reduce overhead costs, and relay the savings to you.

Join our Family
Serving over 10,000 website and growing, you can't go wrong with choosing Mecca as your web hosting provider! Read our testimonial pages to find out what our clients think about our superior technical support.

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Quick Facts

Why need hosting?
Maintaining your own web and mail servers at home can be very costly. You have to take into consideration the need for static IPs, firewalls, routers, UPS, backup devices, and protection against hackers and spammers.

However, for as low as $1.95/month, our experienced engineers will monitor your website 24/7, ready to take immediate action in the event of server difficulties. Our servers are equipped with secondary power systems, firewalls and real-time backup facilities to ensure that your site is operational at all times.

Around the Clock Help
Should you need any technical assistance, you can reach our support staff by phone, email or live Internet chat. We have staff members on duty after hours making it even easier to reach us.

First Class Canadian Dedicated Server
Starting from CAD $129/month (3 month service prepaid required), a customized server will be built according to your needs. Please visit our dedicated server page for more information.

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