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    Home > Plans > What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?
Canadian Dedicated Server

Secure your online data and transactions with GeoTrust® QuickSSL Premium certificate. SSL certificate is the easiest way to build the confidence between your website and your online customers. SSL certificate is also a ecommerce must!

Order Today! Select one of the Web Hosting plans and choose "GeoTrustR Premium SSL Certificate."

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What is SSL?
The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that creates a secure connection between a client and a server during the process of transmitting (private and sensitive) information over the internet. Without SSL, data that is sent over the Internet can be accessible to any person. However, data sent via SSL connection is protected by encryption, which means that the data will be translated into a non-readable and unchangeable form to ensure no other part can access to it once it is submitted to the recipient of the site. Nowadays, many websites use this protocol for communicating confidential user information, such as credit card numbers and personal details. Hence, with the SSL, it allows clients with the confidence that all information sent will be secured and kept confidential over the Internet.

Why choose our SSL certificate?
 Our Quick SSL PRemium provides up to 256-bits encryption
 Unlike other company offers, our certificate can be issued in about 10 minutes
 Quick SSL Premium certificate includes a site- seal that guarantees online visitors that they will receive the highest level of encryption possible
 Site seal allows visitors to identify and confirm that your website is using a SSL certificate

How SSL works?

The SSL consists of 2 keys – a public key and a private key. The public key is known to the user that it will encrypt the information that is sent to a particular website. The private is known to the recipient of the website that it is used to decrypt the information. When the SSL authenticates the client and the server or the recipient, it establishes a secure connection for information exchange that achieves privacy and confidentiality.

How can you identify whether a site is SSL protected?
URLs that require SSL connection begin with httpS: instead of http:. There is a padlock sign on the bottom right of your web browser.

Why SSL:
In what circumstances you will need SSL?
You have an online store/ business that accept credit card information.
Your business partners log in to confidential information on an extranet.
You have offices that share confidential information on an extranet.
You have offices that share confidential information over an intranet.
You process sensitive data such as addresses, birth dates, licenses, or ID numbers.
You need to comply with privacy and security requirements.
You value privacy and expect others to trust you.

What is the advantage of using SSL?
All information are kept confidential and would not be stolen.
Gain trust and confidence from your clients.

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Plans that are compatible
with SSL certificate:
5.95 Hosting Plan
Database Hosting Plan
Advanced Hosting Plan
1,000 MB Hosting Plan
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