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  Carie McNeil is one of the owners of MetroMamma, a garment accessory design and seller based in Las Vegas, NV. Last week, had the opportunity to chat with Carie and ask her to share her success story to our reader. Can you briefly tell us what MetroWrap™ is, and how you came up with the product idea?

  Carie: The MetroWrap™ is the most secure and comfortable child carrier on the market. Its unique design incorporates an age-old technique for carrying your child with the fashion demands of today’s world. The MetroWrap™ is the perfect way to bond with your child, enjoy your freedom and look chic while doing it!

The MetroWrap™, is here today because we needed a comfortable, yet fashionable way to carry our second born babies while chasing after our toddlers, running errands, conducting business and doing household chores. We tried every carrier on the market - without 100% satisfaction. Some of those carriers had good features, but none were perfect - so we decided to create our own.
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MetroMamma's Website:
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Pretty in Print

E: Do you have any dads buying a MetroWrap™ for themselves?

  C: Yes. There are some proud Metro Pappas out there – and they too have been amazed at the attention they receive while wearing the MetroWrap™. That being said, our primary target market is the Metro Mamma.  

E: Can you give us some examples of how has helped your business?


Sell 1000+ Products
Ready to sell in 5 mins.

  C: Visual Understanding:
MetroMamma™ currently has one product - the MetroWrap™. This product is best explained visually. Our Web Site uses pictures and a video demonstration to showcase the child carrier.

Sales Tool: We send potential manufacturers' reps, retailers and customers to our web site all of the time

Established feel:
Having a professional Web Site gives an "established feel" to outsiders when representing your business


E: What made you decide to launch your online store and did you have any concerns before selling online?

  C: The Metro Mamma is all about the on-line medium. She frequents sites that are easy to navigate, have visual aids that are easy & quick to understand, provide more in depth information if she chooses to look deeper and give her the ability to buy on-line in a few clicks of the mouse.

Due to the nature of the MetroWrap™, we knew we needed an on-line store and didn’t even hesitate to set one up! Accessibility is key. concerns before selling on-line. The Founding Mammas are on-line shopaholics… which might have had something to do with our comfort level.

E: When you were looking for shopping cart solution, what are the key features in Store2Go that appeal to you?

  • Consistency in appearance (i.e. user believes that they're still on the MetroMamma web site)
  • Easy navigation
  • Ability to showcase product(s)
  • US/CDN ability
  • Safety


E: If you have one tip for entrepreneurs who wishes to launch their business online, what would that be?

  C: Go for it!    
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