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  Home > Customer Service > Help > Tutorials > Web Enhancements

Web Enhancements

The following features are exclusively provided to our clients at No Charge. Besides using the canned features modules below, you can also download any Perl/PHP/JAVAApplets/ColdFusion/ ASP/.NET scripts from third parties install it on our server.

Web Counter
Formmail V1.9
URL Redirection / Drop down menu box
Install PERL-CGI scripts to your website
Supported ASP components on NT hosting
Supported ASP components on UNIX hosting

Web Counter:

To use our counter, insert the following tag in your web page:

<IMG SRC="">

* please replace the orange text with your login ID

Working Demo:

Formmail v1.9

FormMail is a generic WWW form to e-mail gateway, which will parse the results of any form and send them to the specified user. This script has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified through the form, meaning you don't need any programming knowledge or multiple scripts for multiple forms.

Anyone who wants to use Formmail should consider to use our server supplied one. If for some reason, you must run your own copy of Formmail, make sure it is an enhanced security version (v1.9s) found at

Our provided Formmail POST specification:

For the developer's guide of formmail, please visit:

Note: After you have setup your formmail, please contact us at to enable the formmail feature in your account.

URL Redirection / Drop down menu box

You can create drop down menus with the simple HTML code below:

<form method="POST" action="">
<select name="url" size="1">
<option selected value="">Please select from below...</option>
<option value="">restaurant</option>
<option value="">florist</option>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

* please replace the orange text with website URL  that you want the script to redirect.


Install Perl-CGI scripts to your website:

Due to server security concerns, we do not allow any telnet nor ssh access to our shell. To install Perl CGI scripts, you can perform the following:

1. Read the installation guide comes with the Perl scipts and configure the necessary configuration files with a text editor such as Notepad.

Below is our server information that you may need for configuring your Perl scipts:

PERL path:

Absolute path:
   You can check your absolute path by visiting -> "What are my Server Settings?" under "Current Status" section of the left hand side of the main menu.

SENDMAIL path (For UNIX hosting):

SMTP host to use (For NT hosting):

2. Upload your Perl scripts (must be either in .cgi or .pl extensions) to anywhere in your /web or /www directory (creating sub-directory is fine too). Remember to upload them in ASCII not BINARY.

3. Use a FTP program , execute CHMOD command to set your Perl scripts permissions to 755 and any data files and directories to 777. FTP programs like WS-FTP LE (PC), WS-FTP Pro (PC), CuteFTP (PC), CuteFTP Pro (PC) and Fetch (Mac) support CHMOD. (NT hosting users will not need to perform this step)

4 .
If you get "Internal Server Error", add this line to your perl script with a text editor (for eg. Notepad) right after the first line (i.e. #!/usr/bin/perl):

use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);

and a more detailed debug information should appear in your web browser.

If you need us to install any additional CPAN modules for Perl or if you require further assistance, please contact us at

Supported ASP components on NT hosting:

This section does not apply to PHP programmers as PHP has native support for outgoing emails, files uploads and image generation (via GD library).

Our NT hosting platform supports popular ASP components like ASPMail, ASPSmartUpload and ASPImage. ASPMail allows your ASP scripts to send out emails via ASP, ASPSmartUpload allows your users to upload files to your website via ASP, ASPImage allows you to generate images on the fly. In addition, we also support SmartWin E-commerce DLLs and Ticketmaster Canada DLLs (ITASLink) for your e-commerce website development needs.

ASPMail manual:
   SMTP server to use: "cab be found on the hosting panel" or "localhost"

ASPSmartUpload manual:

Supported ASP components on UNIX hosting:

Our UNIX hosting platform supports ASP 3.0, VBScript 5.5 and JScript 5.5 based on Sun ONE Active Server Pages 4.0 implementation.

Ad Rotator, Counters component, SMTP component (Chili!Mail), File Upload component (Chili!Upload), POP3 component (Chili!POP3) are tested and supported.

For CDONTS support on UNIX, please refer the below sample code:

Set mailer = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
Mailer.From = ""
Mailer.To = ""
Mailer.Subject = "Subject of this email"
Mailer.Body = "testing 123"
Mailer.Host = "localhost"
if Mailer.Send then
Response.Redirect strRedirectURL
end if
Set Mailer = Nothing

* please replace the orange text with your sender's email address and recipient's email address.

Object "MailFormat" is not supported on UNIX version of CDONTS.

For more information, please refer to Chilisoft ASP developer's guide:

Get Internal Server Error on your ASP scripts on UNIX platform? Contact for an ASP log viewer.

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