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General Company Inquires4
 Why you name your company "Mecca"?
 Do you offer any referral program?
 How long has Mecca been established?
 Do you sell your client list to other companies?
 What is Mecca's catch?
Web Hosting Inquires31
 Do you offer shopping carts?
 Do you offer a money back guarantee?
 Do you do web design?
 What technical support options are available?
 What is the Price List for Additional Features?
 Is the unlimited data transfer offer truly unlimited?
 Does any of your web hosting packages support real audio/video streaming?
 Do you support Microsoft SQL 2000?
 Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?
 What content does Mecca allow? Any explicit adult based websites?
 How fast are your connections?
 Do you offer search engines submission services?
 Do you offer multiple domains support?
 Do you offer design templates or website builder?
 What program should I use to design and build my homepage?
 Does Mecca support ColdFusion MX?
 Do you offer unbranded webmail?
 Do you support Java applet or JSP?
 How often you perform data backup?
 What is your uptime policy?
 Do you offer Database hosting?
 With your web hosting, would we be receiving our own IP address?
 Do you offer FTP access? Do you have a limit on the FTP transfer?
 How soon will my account be set up and will I receive any confirmation notice?
 Will there be any banners ads on my web site when I host with Mecca?
 Does Mecca support FrontPage 2002?
 What happens if I need larger web or email spaces for my account?
 Do you support multiple FTP login IDs?
 Can I upgrade my plan or features?
 How do I transfer my existing hosting account to Mecca?
 Do you offer dial-up Internet access accounts?
 I want to get started right away, but my domain name hasn't been transferred.
 What are your server types: NT? UNIX? Both? Other?
Domain Registrations Inquiries18
 My domain is about (has been) expired, how do I renew my domain name?
 Can I cancel my domain order and obtain a refund?
 How do I transfer a domain name from another domain registrar?
 How do I register and confirm my domain name?
 How can I retreive my login information and manage my domain account?
 Does domain registration include email forwarding or virtual email addresses?
 I try to register a .CA domain name, but I got a "Legal Type" Error message.
 My transfer failed, why and what should I do now?
 Once I have my domain, will it automatically appear on the Internet?
 How do I point my DNS to your servers?
 Domain Glossary
 Who is OpenSRS and CIRA? What does Mecca do as a registrant's role?
 What type of domain names do you provide?
 What is a domain name and why do I need one?
 What's the difference between .com, .net, .org, etc.?
 How can I transfer my domain name for 10 years instead of 1?
 Who owns the domain name if I purchased it through you?
 A Note Regarding .CA Domains
 When I try to register a domain, I got an "Invalid Syntax" error message. Why?
 My domain admin email address is no longer reachable
 If there are two requests for the same domain name, what will happen?
E-mail & Spamming Inquiries21
 How do I set Vacation Message/Auto Responder?
 Some users are unable to send me emails. Please help.
 Does Mecca provide virus scanning on incoming emails?
 Can the Spam Filter automatically delete all emails marked as "Suspected Spam"?
 I am receiving junk emails (spam), how do I eliminate them?
 I can't send out any emails, it says "Host Not Found" or "Relaying Denied"?
 What is the MECCA bulk email policy?
 I experience timeout errors when sending out large amount of emails
 AntiSpam Tips
 What do I do if I receive email that I believe is in network?
 What is Mecca's Policy on Spam?
 I cannot connect your IMAP server with Outlook 2003.
 Email Troubleshooting
 How do I setup email forwarding?
 What's IMAP? What are the differences between webmail, POP3 and IMAP4?
 Spammer has used my email address for spamming. Help!
 Instability issues with Outlook XP handling 2 or more email accounts
 How come there are delays for people receiving my e-mails?
 Why can't I create login IDs such as "info@", "john@", "webmaster@"...?
 How do I acccess my emails?
 My FROM email address is displaying but not my domain name.
 What do you mean by "virtual" email and "real" email?
 How do I setup 3rd mail party programs to receive emails from my email accounts?
Technical Support & Troubleshooting29
 If I go over the limit for my server space, will I be notified? OR if Iím gettin
 Can I implement simple passwords on certain pages or folders?
 Does Provides domain forwarding?
 How do I change my MX record?
 How do I change my A record?
 How do I change my C record (CNAME)?
 Can I edit my 404.html page? If I can, how do I do this?
 How is the shared SSL folders mapped on your systems?
 I have problems with uploading
 I am using and I cannot login your control panel
 What are my bulk email broadcasting options?
 Why your server time is in EST time zone?
 How do I setup Windows Media and Real Media Audio/Video Streaming?
 Your FrontPage extension is not working because I cannot publish my site!
 What I have to do in order to get my site online?
 My script is giving me this error 'Internal Server error'. Why is that?
 What are the parameters that I need to enter in my scripts for using the MySQL
 What is FTP? Are there any FTP programs that I can use for files uploading?
 What is web statistics? How do I access this feature?
 What is CGI access? Where should I put Perl-CGI scripts?
 I have uploaded my page, but my browser is still showing the old version.
 I forgot my password, how can I retreive the information again?
 Why can't I view/FTP my website on my Internet browser?
 I can't find the answer I want from your FAQ list.
 I cannot get a FrontPage based form working.
 Do you restrict any tags for PHP or ASP or ColdFusion?
 Why Folder Security and FrontPage extensions can not co-exist?
 What is PHP?
 How do I tell if a form is secure?
 What are the differences and issues between Netscape and IE?
 What does my Home page's first page need to be named?
 Do your servers support SSI (Server Side Includes)?
 What is Perl?
Billing Inquiries12
 How do I update my credit card information?
 Who do I contact if I want to cancel my account?
 What if I'm late paying my bill or don't pay my bill?
 What currency are your fees in?
 What will my bank statement show for my transaction?
 Why are the renewal price and the initial registration price different?
 I would like to try your hosting out for a month
 Do you accept Cheque or Money Order payment?
 What method of payment does MECCA take?
 How do I change my billing information?
 Do you deal with international orders?
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