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  Home > Customer Service > Help > Tutorials > Store2Go

A Beginner's Guide to Store2Go

All New Tutorials! (Updated on May 15, 2008)

Acrobat reader required to view and print some of the Store2Go Tutorials. Download it free.
Before We Start
 1 Find a Domain Name
 2 Find a Hosting Package
 3 Database Hosting & SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
 4 Ordering Store2Go Shopping Cart Interface
 1 Accessing Store2Go
 2 Setting Configurations Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
 My Store
 (information regarding your store)
 Minimum Values
 (least amount of characters allowed to be inputted)
 My Store Logo
 (uploading store logo)
  2.4  My Store Policy
 (information shown on your invoice statement)
 Maximum Values
 (largest amount of characters allowed)
 (setting standard image sizes)
 Customer Details
 (information regarding your customers)
  2.8  Shipping/ Packaging
 (shipping information)
  2.9  Product Listing
 (displaying product information)
  2.10  Stock
 (information regarding stock status)
  2.11  Email Options
 (information regarding email settings)
  2.12  Download
 (information regarding product downloads)
  2.13  Featured
 3 Creating Your Catalogue Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  3.1  Categories/ Products
 (organization & product details)
  3.2  Products Attributes (product types)
  3.3  Manufacturers (of products)
  3.4  Reviews (product analysis)
  3.5  Specials (setting discounts)
  3.6  Featured Products (product showcases)
  3.7  Products Expected (upcoming new releases)
 4 4Modules Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  4.1*  Payment (payment methods, i.e. PayPal)
  4.2*  Shipping (shipping fees)
  4.3  Order Total (invoice information)
  4.4  Completing a PayPal order (important)
 5 Customer Information Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  5.1  Customers (customer information)
  5.2  Orders (list of ordered products)
 6 Setting Locations/ Taxes Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  6.1  Countries (list of countries in the world)
  6.2  Zones (list of provinces/ states in the world)
  6.3  Tax Zones (taxable areas in Canada)
  6.4  Tax Classes (taxing of products & shipping fees)
  6.5  Tax Rates (tax percentages)
 7 Localization Settings Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  7.1  Currencies (currency rate settings)
  7.2  Languages (languages used – English only)
 8 Reports Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  8.1  Products Viewed (statistics of products viewed)
  8.2  Best Products Purchased
 (statistics of products purchased)
  8.3  Customer Orders-Total
 (statistics of customers who have purchased items)
 9 Tools Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  9.1  Database Backup
 (backup information of store files)
  9.2  Banner Manager
 (ad banner addition in your store)
  9.3  Send Email (sending emails to customers)
  9.4  Newsletter Manager (creating newsletters)
  9.5  Server Info (information regarding store server)
  9.6  Who’s Online (list of customers who are online)
 10 Customizable Control Image Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  10.1  Customize Images / Icons
 (customers any images or icons on your store)
  10.2  Customize Buttons
 (customers any buttons on your store)
  10.3  List of file names
 11 Style Sheet Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  11.1  Edit your Stylesheet.css
 (change the look of your site with CSS)

* in-house enhancement which is exclusively available to our Store2Go clients. These enhancements include 9.1 (Moneris eSelect Plus) and 9.2 (Multiple Flat Rates, Table Rate - Canada Province)

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